Countdown to Christmas – Menu

Seventeen days to Christmas, and counting. We are celebrating Christmas in our home this year – a first for Hubby and I.  We have yet to buy a tree and decorate the house, but it will be done over the coming weekend. I will be cooking Christmas dinner for four, and this is how the menu is looking:


  • smoked salmon on a bed rocket, served with (store-bought) irish soda bread

Main and sides

  • roast turkey
  • **updated** cranberry, sage and onion stuffing
  • sprouts in beurre blanc
  • roasted sweet potatoes, parsnips, carrots
  • roast potatoes
  • braised red cabbage
  • homemade gravy
  • bread sauce
  • homemade cranberry sauce


  • christmas cake
  • christmas pudding (yes, there is a difference between cake and pudding which I only found out over the weekend)
  • pear tart (most probably amandine, as it is far easier to make than a pear and almond tart)

Some of the dishes will need to be prepped/made ahead of time as there is a lot to do and the oven is a small.

  • Turkey – soak in brine at 9pm on 24th
  • Stuffing – make on 24th pm
  • Roast root vegetables and potatoes – cook on 24th pm
  • Braised red cabbage – cook on 23rd pm
  • Bread sauce – make on 23rd pm
  • Cranberry sauce – make on 23rd pm
  • Christmas cake – add marzipan layer on Sat 17th, ice on 24th (a task for Hubby?)
  • Christmas pudding – to be steamed on Sat 11th if the pudding basin arrives on Sat
  • Pear tart – make on 24th pm

Other things to organise include drinks (bubbly, creme de cassis, wine), tree and decorations, cake decorations and table decorations.

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