Happy birthday Hubby!

Today is Hubby’s birthday and we both took a day off work to celebrate.  Hubby had been unwell for the past week, so we decided not to go away for the weekend.

We had lunch in a lovely restaurant, Hawtrey’s.  The service was very slow, but that is probably the Londoner in me who is always in a rush. We both opted for the 3 course Gastronomic Lunch menu at £29 per head. As Hubby was driving, and we were both recovering from the flu/cold, we ordered a glass of wine each and some sparkling water.

I had the breast of quail and apple pureé to start. The meat was very tender, the skin crisp, and tasty down to the last morsel.

Hubby ordered foie gras and boudin noir, also served with an apple sauce. We were served some bread, and Hubby mopped up the lovely foie gras and jus with onion bread, which I think went down a treat.

For mains, I ordered pan fried seabass served with pak choy and langoustine bisque. The bisque was quite delicate, and was a lovely accompaniment to the seabass.  I could eat this dish anyday.

Hubby ordered Rose veal fillet which was served with a ravioli, potatoes dauphinoise, swede pureé and parsnips. Hubby wasn’t mad about the ravioli which was served with a ragu-like veal (in addition to the fillet). However the fillet got the big thumbs up, along with the creamy dauphinoise and parsnips.

We waited almost 25 minutes for the desserts. Apparently Hubby’s apple soufflé and apple sorbet had to be re-made as the souffle collapsed.  It was weirdly comforting to know that this happens to the best of chefs! The soufflé finally arrived – I had a taste and it was too eggy for me (I know, I know, it’s a soufflé), but it wasn’t sweet enough for Hubby who has a notoriously sweet tooth.

My choice of dessert was Mango three ways:  creme bruleé, tart and ice cream. The creme bruleé could have set a bit more, but the cream was very tasty and sweet, as were the tart and ice cream. Yum.

We skipped coffee, as although the meal was lovely, I was bored of waiting, and so was Hubby.  They serve afternoon tea as well, so we might try it sometime when we are not in a rush.

Hubby wanted to go to the movies, so I got us VIP seats for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and a big serving of sweet/salty popcorn.  I found parts of the movie scary – and probably screamed the loudest when the snake came back for Harry and Hermione! Still,  Hubby enjoyed the movie and it was enjoyable and relaxing afternoon.

Neither of us wanted a big dinner but felt like we could eat some picky bits. We couldn’t make up our minds where to go, and most places are closed on Mondays for dinner. Hubby cheekily suggested McD’s to which I readily agreed as it was approaching 9p.m. We would have sat in the kids party area except it was closed 🙂 

Happy Birthday Hubby. I hope you had a lovely day. Many more happy returns xx


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