A Christmas feast

I can’t believe Christmas came and went so soon. Weeks of preparation and everything was over in a blink. Hubby and I had a fabulous day yesterday with our guests. The meal thankfully came together, and everyone enjoyed themselves.  Christmas dinner lasted well over 5 hours spanning 3 courses.

Although there was still snow outside, we kept the heating on for most of the day at 23 degrees.

Here’s a recap of what we feasted on yesterday:

An assortment of smoked salmon served with rocket salad and Irish soda bread:

The star of the show, roast turkey, sat on a dish of curly Kale and decorated with a bunch of berries from our front drive:

Crispy roast potatoes:

Braised red cabbage:

Brussel sprouts in beurre blanc:

Sage, onion and cranberry stuffing, plus gravy (no photo):

I had also baked some sweet potatoes, carrots and parsnips on Christmas eve, and pinged them in the microwave just before dinner.  Just my luck, my brand new microwave decided not to work on Christmas day, so I bunged them in the oven to heat them up.  We went ahead with the meal and the vegetables were done about 10 minutes after. I served them up immediately and forgot about photos.

For dessert, there was a choice of Christmas pudding served with brandy cream, Christmas cake, and pear tart amandine:068

After the big feast, we spent 3 hours or so on Hubby’s new Wii, playing bowling, golf, Mario kart and trying unsuccessfully to imitate Michael Jackson’s dance moves.  The party came to an end just before midnight, and thanks to the workout, no one felt like round pumpkins at the end of the night.

It was one of our best Christmas’ ever.


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