No tuna for me, I’m vegetarian today

This is Bertie, my neighbour’s other cat, brother to Whiskers. I call the cat Bertie-cat because I like the sound of it. We don’t call Whiskers by his name. Instead we call him Chomy-cat.  That’s a story for another day. Bertie-cat is  rather shy who has only recently felt brave enough to come up to our French doors without Chomy-cat.  Chomy-cat and Bertie-cat normally turn up together at meal-times, probaly knowing that we won’t be able to resist the double-cuteness factor. We normally give them a bowl of milk, they’ll drink some and then move on to the next house.

However there hasn’t been any sign of Chomy-cat for the past few days. Me thinks he is sleeping off all the delicious food he consumed at Christmas.

Hubby took this photo of Bertie-cat yesterday afternoon when he called round to say hello. Bertie-cat never lingers, and he never begs for food, unlike his brother Chomy-cat.  Bertie-cat is one lucky cat as he has been feasting like a king since Christmas day on our leftover turkey and salmon. 

We’ve given you the last of the leftovers, Bertie-cat. It’s back to semi-skimmed milk tomorrow if you fancy any.


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