New Year’s Eve 2010 – a belated post

I worked on new year’s eve up to about 2p.m. and then joined hubby for a spot of shopping. We were invited to our friends’, Scott and Anna, for dinner and then a fireworks display to welcome in the new year.  Hubby and I love being invited to S  & A’s for the wonderful company, hospitality and amazingly good food. 

Anna made vegetable tempura for starters, which inspired Hubby to make them for our dinner, followed by parsnip and butter bean soup. The soup was so delicious that Hubby asked for seconds. So good was the soup we forgot to take photos!

For the main course, Anna served oven-baked plaice with a side of millet mash, kale and coleslaw.  The millet mash was very tasty, and a healthy alternative to mashed potatoes.

We chatted away and soaked up the warm glow of the blue lights, all the while urging our tummies to make way for the delicious sweet treats to come….

Dessert was served soon after and we were in for a treat. Scott had made a flapjack, which was so moreish, we could have picked at it all night.

Anna made a lovely apple crumble, with a cocoa crumbly topping served with cashew milk.  It was delicious.

By the time the last course was over, we were absolutely stuffed.  No better way to say farewell to 2010 and to welcome in 2011 with a wonderful meal, and in the company of lovely friends.  We practically rolled out of the house and walked around the corner to watch the local new year’s fireworks display.

Anna is running a series of wholefood workshops. More details can be found at Wholefood Harmony.

Thanks guys for a wonderful evening!


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