Ping pong, anyone?

Continued from here.

We must have driven around for almost 30 minutes looking for a parking spot, when we found one not too far from the Langham Hotel. Hubby wanted to go to HMV on Oxford Street which was probably 15 minutes walk away, but in the wet and cold weather, that might as well be in the next city!  We chanced upon a Ping Pong restaurant en-route, and I decided that I’d be a better shopping companion on an empty bladder and a full belly. 

We both ordered flowering teas – mine was jasmine and lily while Hubby’s was Green Tea and red amaranth.

We ordered a few dishes to share:

Chicken and vegetables – coconut rice claypot.

Squid cakes with coriander and prawns.

A rather blurry photo of my absolute favourite Vietnamese rice paper prawn rolls.

King prawn (and possibly squid) shu mai

Sticky rice with king prawns, scallops and carrots wrapped in lotus leaf.

The best part of the meal for me, was the tea, and we got a generous hot water top-up.  I go to Ping Pong regularly with work.  The food is generally enjoyable, but I like it because you don’t have to commit to a dish.  I much prefer a variety of dishes to one big portion of something.

Hubby unfortunately didn’t find the records he wanted but he is going to check out another store tomorrow.  We walked past a boutique and the clothes were very pretty to look at.  I indulged in some retail therapy, which makes a nice change from the weekly visits to Wickes and B&Q.

We caught sight of the BT tower on our way back to the car.

Many a couple will be feasting in the revolving restaurant on top of the tower tomorrow evening for Valentine’s.

Hubby makes my world go round, and I can’t ask for a nicer weekend than the one we’ve just had.  Happy Valentine’s Day Hubby.


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