Missing in action…

I have been neglecting my blog since the start of February, and lo and behold, we are almost at the end of the month.  Turns out, it wasn’t just my blog that has been MIA. The neighbour’s cat, Bertie, went missing for a few days, which broke everyone’s heart as he was a much-loved neighbourhood cat.  Thankfully he was found safe and sound. So far, he’s only come round to visit once and was very wary. Can’t blame him, the poor cat.

I was harping on about getting a Kitchen Aid mixer all week, however, I completely forgot about it this morning.  By the time I remembered again, Hubby was watching the 6 nations match on telly. We set off to get it, as well as an angel cake tin, but the traffic was extremely bad and the shops had closed when we got there.  A waste of 2 hours.

No news on my camera lens which I sent to Canon earlier in the week.  I took some photos on the old Sony cybershot, but the quality isn’t the same, which is probably an unfair comment, as the lack of quality is probably down to the photographer and not the equipment.

We started watching junior masterchef oz on telly this week – I know we’re months behind.  The kids are absolutely awesome.  Tomorrow, inspired by pierre, we’re going to try our hand at making lamb wellington. Note when I said ‘we’ – I’m going to cook while Hubby, if you’re reading this, you’re in charge of the washing up. 🙂

Here’s the very first photo I took on my Sony cybershot last summer as we drove past Stonehenge en route to Cornwall.

Sorry it’s a bit fuzzy.   Hubby tried to slow down as best as he could, a concept which is normally alien to him. 

Here’s a nicer photo of St Ives which I took on the same camera the next day.  

Hope to be back with a positive report on the lamb wellington tomorrow.


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