30 minute meal

I’ve seen a few episodes of Jamie Oliver’s 30 minute meals.  I appreciate that if you’re organised, you can get more than a dish done in 30 minutes.  I left work today at 6.45pm (which was a half day, really), as did Hubby and we agreed to meet at home and then head out for dinner.  However, on the way home, I summoned up some motivation to cook instead of eating out. 

I got home at 7.45pm (it was a good train journey), and got cooking!

I made thai fish curry using red curry paste, coconut milk, potatoes and spinach.  I had some kai lan leftover in the fridge, and did a quick garlic and oyster sauce stir fry.  I popped some rice into the rice cooker, and lastly made a mushroom and onion chinese omelette which goes well with curries.  Hubby arrived home at 8.15pm (probably stopped by at hmv to get out of cooking duty :-)) and helped out with the washing up.  Dinner was served at 8.25pm, which was a pretty decent effort. 

Hubby put a bag of apples in our shopping cart on Saturday, ‘in case you felt like baking or something’.  I always watch the US Biggest Loser on Tuesdays which starts at 9pm.  After dinner, at 8.50pm I decided to make us a crumble using some of the apples and leftover strawberries which I didn’t want to go to waste.  I missed the start of my show, but by 9.35pm, we were tucking into warm fruit crumble with a drop of cream. Got to have your 5-a-day!

If I had my way, I’d be eating dinner by 7pm every day.  Unfortunately, on days like these, we end up having our meals late.  I’d like to take comfort from the fact that at least it was a home cooked meal, and there’s a good portion left for Hubby tomorrow (I’m meeting a friend for an early dinner). 

30 minute meal – not sure if I’d have the energy or the inclination to do this every day, but with a bit of planning and motivation, it can be done.  I think Jamie would be proud.

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