Thank god it’s the weekend. It has been one long week for us both.  We had dinner out two nights in a row, but we’ve stocked up on groceries so that’s us sorted for the weekend.  I’m hoping to stick to the familiar and comforting theme, but not lacking in effort old or quality. 

I’ve stocked up on blueberries, apple juice and also have some apples in the fruit bowl from last weekend.  Bircher muesli, a fantastic way to kick-start the weekend.

I have some boneless chicken thighs, and I’m thinking lemon chicken for lunch tomorrow.  I also bought chicken breast, so perhaps chicken schnitzel for dinner (I love chicken).  I have some nice lamb shanks, so braised lamb shanks for Sunday lunch. 

My weekend will not be complete with a sweet treat. I bought a punnet of organic strawberries and fresh eggs – I think I might brave Donna Hay’s recipe for pavlova.

We’ll have to find time to nip into John Lewis to buy a KitchenAid tomorrow.  I’m hoping this will be a good investment and cut back on my chiropractor bill as my current hand-held electric beater is bad for carpal tunnel.

The best news of the week is that Canon repaired my lens and I can’t wait to use it!

Here’s to a good weekend.


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