Weekend round-up

I can’t believe we’ve come to the end of the weekend.  We stocked up on food on Friday evening after a meal out.  I recharged out batteries on Saturday doing very little around the house.  I made a strawberry pavlova for our weekend sweet treat, which was my first successful attempt in the last 2 years.

While I made the pav, I talked Hubby into cooking lunch for us – Bill Granger’s lemon chicken.  Hubby did a fantastic job, and we stretched the dish to last for dinner.

We had bircher muesli for breakfast on both Saturday and Sunday and is fast becoming a favourite in our household. Must have toppings include grated apples, blueberries, chopped dried apricots, strawberries and toasted almonds.

For Sunday lunch, I cooked braised lamb shanks and served it with squash and potato mash, puy lentils and broccoli in beurre blanc. 

I think staying in this weekend did us good – tasty home-cooked meals, batteries are now recharged and we’re ready to face another busy week at work.


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