Weekly round-up

To say the week was busy is an understatement. We did pretty well with the meal plan until Wednesday evening, when I rang Hubby from work to ask if we could have a cheap and cheerful meal out instead of a home-cooked option.  We enjoyed a tasty meal at a Sri-Lankan restaurant. 

Thursday was another long day at work and when Hubby rang to say he was on his way home and would I like him to cook, I thought it was my lucky day and said yes! Hubby cooked a lovely lamb curry. It was amazing to walk into the kitchen and smell the yummy aroma of a home-cooked curry.  It lifted me out of a mood as I’ve been stressed out about work and talked to Hubby about job-hunting.

This morning, I walked into work and found out about the devastation that the earthquake and tsunami had caused in Japan. I read about the tsunami alert to areas in the pacific basic, and I was worried about my friends and family, especially those in Singapore and Indonesia. I texted my dad to see if they were alright and  I kept an eye on online news for any further tsunami news.

This morning, I also found out that some issues were being addressed at work which I hope would lead to less stress in the future. 

Hubby and I went for a drink in our local wine bar this evening.  I said to Hubby that I didn’t really fancy dinner, but wouldn’t mind a KFC meal, which we ordered on the way home.  It was rather indulgent but in no way is it a substitute for a healthy meal.

I bought a KitchenAid last weekend but am going to give baking a miss this weekend.   We thoroughly enjoyed the pandan cake and pavlova I made in the past 2 weeks, but it’s time to give the waist line a little break.  However, as a small treat, I’m going to try out a poached pear recipe for dessert on either Saturday dinner or Sunday lunch.  If we get our grocery shopping done tomorrow morning, then chicken rendang might be on the menu.

In any case, I intend this weekend to be less about cooking and more about tending to the garden.  Hubby has promised to mow the lawn and we really need to get the vegetable patch ready for planting.  If the weather holds up, we should be able to get some decent work done.

There’s only one problem – Hubby, I need wellies!


2 thoughts on “Weekly round-up

    • I have very petite feet so if they sell kids wellies in one of the garden stores we go to, then that’ll do. They might have mickey mouse designs on them, which is fine as I’ve been a fan since I was a kid 🙂

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