Am feeling just a bit sorry for myself…

The soul destroying month that was March pretty much ruined my immune system as well.  I caught the flu bug 6 days ago and there is no sign of it letting up.

I was at work on Monday and Tuesday, but was told to go home after a few hours yesterday – clearly it wasn’t my laughter that was contagious.

I woke up bunged up and drowsy again this morning, rang my boss and said that I’ll work from home if there are things that need finalising and hope to be back tomorrow. I’ve spent the best part of the day on the blackberry and remotely logging into my work network, but the good news is, there’s closure on things which have been dragging on for weeks.

The sun is shining outside, it’s probably a warm day, but I’m in my pj’s, dressing gown and socks, hiding under my duvet as I’m typing this boo-hoo I’m such a saddo post. 

I might as well forget the winter-belly-diet-busting meals planned for this week, as I’ve been living off KFC and Domino’s.   Feed a cold, so they say.

There won’t be any food posts until I get my taste buds back.  😦


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