Up in the air….

Our travel plans are now up in the air with only a few days to go.  I got a call from the reservations team at Singapore Airlines today to inform me that our connecting flight from Singapore to Perth has been rescheduled to leave 30 minutes earlier. Which means we will miss the flight with our current connection from London.  It is the last flight of the day from Singapore.

They tried to book us on an earlier flight from London, however cattle class is fully booked. No surprises there are we are coming into school holiday and Easter break season.  So we are now on waiting list as clearly we are unable to leave on our confirmed slot from London.  There is no guarantee when they’ll be able to confirm our seats.   ‘I understand your predicament. We will contact you as soon as we know. Have a great day’. You might want to try changing your script there SIA.   I rang 3 times and got the same missing you already line.

Feeling extremely stressed about this as it is an unpleasant surprise to be sprung upon us days before our departure.


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