And we have lift off

We rang SIA on Saturday morning at 8 a.m., to be told that someone would ring us within 24 hours with an update. Some 54 hours later, Hubby got very annoyed and rang them. Guess what, apparently the flight which we were on waiting list had been confirmed, but no one thought of ringing us.   We now have to take an extra half day off to make the earlier flight. You guessed it, SIA won’t be compensating us for the extra time off work we’re taking on account of their rescheduling.  Fantastic service guys. I won’t be rushing to fly with you for all the egg fritata’s in the world.

Forgive me for being catty.   I hate bullies.

I didn’t post a meal plan this week as it is going to be a rather manic one.  We made chicken fajita for dinner tonight which was lovely right before we drove to Windsor to collect Hubby’s new amp.  I bought salmon for tomorrow’s dinner which is going to be either teriyaki salmon, or simply grilled salmon and asparagus.  We’ll play the rest of the week by ear.


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