Sweet memories at Jean Pierre Sancho

I shortlisted a number of cafes and restaurants from reading various Perth food blogs. I folded the list and placed it in my handbag. The handbag which I hadn’t intended to bring along with me to Perth!

Oh well, I had to go by memory, which did prove to be a bit tricky, especially as we didn’t have internet access in the apartment we were staying in.

The first place on my list was Jean Pierre Sancho on 878 Hay St. We set off from Subiaco and drove away from the city, checking the numbers on Hay St but couldn’t for the life of us find the 800s. Mission aborted. The boys went for a walk into the city the next day, and Hubby excitedly rang me to say that they had just walked past 1068 Hay St, therefore 878 should be in the vicinity. We drove to it that afternoon, only to find that it was a stone’s throw away from the Belgian beer cafe, and a few doors away from the Apple Store.

A moment on the lips is definitely a lifetime on the hips as we soon discovered at JPSC, but it was worth it.

Frasiere – a creamy dessert, with strawberries and pistachio macaron.

Pistachio and possible vanilla macarons – melt in your mouth sweet treats.

Mango slushie – tasty and brain-freeze inducing!

Flat white –  this became Hubby’s daily coffee fix. 

We chose a table by the front window and enjoyed watching the world go by while tucking into our sweet treats.  One of many!  The bill came to AUS$50, which also included 2 toasties.  I’d say this is comparable to what we’d pay in Paul’s in London, given the current dire exchange rate.  Given that there were many places to try, we didn’t go back to Jean Pierre Sancho, but I’ll remember to look out for it next time.

Jean Pierre Sancho on Hay Street on Urbanspoon


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