Grilled lamb steaks and Jersey Royals

I lived in Jersey for 2 years not too long ago, and I don’t recall cooking Jersey Royal potatoes all that much.  I wasn’t a big foodie back then, surviving mostly on a liquid diet and my culinary adventures stretched to cooking chicken rendang out of M&S jars. 

When we were in Waitrose yesterday, I spotted Jersey Royals which Hubby was more than happy to add to our basket.  For lunch today, I made a simple meal of grilled lamb steaks which I marinated with crushed garlic, dried oregano and thyme, and olive oil for an hour.  I boiled the Jersey Royals for 20 minutes, and seasoned them with salt and pepper before serving.  I had some leftover broccoli and green beans, which I sautéed with shallots and thyme. 

I left some Kerrygold butter out for Hubby in case he wanted to add a dollop onto the potatoes, but Hubby said that they were delicious on their own.  And they were.


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