Garden update

We have a rather long garden, which has taken Hubby over a year to change from this…

… this…

On the first decent weekend in March, we  decided to start levelling out a huge mount of muck which looked like this….

Hubby dug out the first mount of muck over several weekends, and made a gazillion trips to our local dump site.  I laid compost on the levelled ground, watered it religiously and today, we bought some seedlings from our local garden centre for the first of our vegetable plot (second plot is underway)

The soil is tough London clay, and I hope the little plants survive their new home, and bear fruit (or veggie) in the next few weeks.

(Conor, if you’re reading this, yes, the lemon tree stalks from Subi are in there too! Keep your fingers crossed for them).


2 thoughts on “Garden update

    • That’s exactly what we were talking about. Saw a kids’ footie set, including net, and thought of buying it for Stav.

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