In a forest….

I watched every single episode of Lost, so when I head that Matthew Fox was going to star in a west end show, I knew I had to go see him on stage.  I wasn’t put off by the initial lukewarm reviews, but wanted to give it a few weeks before I bought tickets.   Hubby and I made an evening of it after work earlier.  We had a quick dinner at Wagamama’s,  bought ice cream and settled into our fabulous stall seats, 5 rows from the stage. 

The play was very intense, dark and with a twist.  Matthew Fox was absolutely fantastic in his role as Bobby.  There was a lot of cursing, yelling, and screaming, and in the same breath, a show of compassion for one’s flesh and blood.  There was no intermission, and the 100 minutes or so went by in a blink.  The prop depicting a cabin in the woods was beautiful – sloping ceiling to floor windows,  a mezzanine space which doubled as a bedroom and study/office,  countless amounts of books all around the cabin. The character Bobby had tattoos on both arms. How long does Matthew Fox have to sit in make-up prior to the show to have these tattoos drawn? (updated** OMG how naive am I? His tattoos are probably real!)How long does it take the stage staff to rearrange all the books in a ‘strewn around the room’ manner?  Loved it. Loved all of it.

We took a few shots on the camera – the Vaudeville is across the road from the Savoy.

When Hubby and I did an open-roof-top bus tour in London years before I lived here, the tour guide told us that the road leading up the Savoy (where the white taxi is parked) is the only road in London where cars could drive on the other side of the road.  This goes back into history where Queen Victoria wanted to alight from her carriage at the Savoy on the right hand side of the road. 

We then drove down The Mall leading up to Buckingham Palace.  The flag was down as the Queen is in Ireland for a visit this week.

My battery died soon after, which was a shame as we drove past Hyde Park and Marble Arch before making our way home.  Lovely evening had. I can’t believe I was this close to Dr Jack Shephard.


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