Garden update – 2 weeks on…

From the time we moved in until earlier this week, this was the view of our patio outside the French doors.

Over 1 1/2 years ago, we left the comforts of Zone 2 and moved out to Zone 5 for outdoor space.  We spent last summer on an epic project of levelling the ground and laying down paving slabs and lawn.  The one remaining big project was to have timber decking built outside the French doors to cover up the jagged broken patio which we inherited from the previous owner.  Seeing the we’ve been lucky with the weather, Hubby set out to design the deck, and bought materials.  We hired a carpenter to lay the decking, and he did a good job, for now we have this….

We’ve ordered garden furniture and bought a barbecue set.  Now all we need is a good summer, which will make the 2 1/2 hours daily commute worth it to have a lovely furnished garden to come home to.


2 thoughts on “Garden update – 2 weeks on…

    • We’ve had pretty abysmal summers in the past few years, so I definitely think we’re due a decent one. Hope it’s not too cold over there.

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