Hubby’s treat

No, this isn’t a PG13 post.

We stocked up on squid and king prawns a few days ago, and the plan for this evening was to cook seafood paella.  I asked Hubby if he’d like to have a go at cooking, and he agreed but asked if I could supervise.  Now for those who know me probably think that I talked Hubby into cooking, and he relented, but I’m far too bossy to relinquish control in the kitchen. No siree, that wasn’t how it happened at all.

Anyway, it was probably the best paella I’d eaten in a long time – much better than my last attempt.   The flavours were spot on – tangy, smokiness from the paprika and there was a lovely crust on the bottom of the paella.  The seafood was perfectly cooked – prawns were sweet, and the squid was tender.

Well done Hubby – have you been practising?  Thank you – it made my day.

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