A date at Kew Gardens

We’ve been talking about visiting Kew Gardens recently and have been waiting for a good day to plan a trip.   London has been a complete wash out of late, but the weather was on our side today (and 31 degrees predicted tomorrow!)

We drove down to Kew Gardens, bought tickets for £13.90 each and armed with a map, identified spots we wanted to see.  First on our list was the Japanese Pagoda.  I’ve seen a few pagodas in my past life, but this was Hubby’s first.  The Pagoda itself was lovely but we weren’t allowed in or up the tower which was a shame.

From the pagoda, we walked towards the Japanese Gateway and found a replica of a temple in Kyoto.  We sat down for a few minutes to reflect and take in the sight, sound and smell of flora around us.

We stumbled upon the Mediterranean Garden by accident, which was my favourite part of this visit.

There were bay trees, rosemary bushes, olive trees – it was probably the most fragrant garden of all.

We went into the Palm House and saw a variety of palm trees – I’d love one for my garden.   The temperature outside was about 25 degrees at this stage, and we were feeling a bit warm in our jeans.  We ended up walking through the Temperate House and the humidity was so high that my hair turned frizzy in the 3 minutes it took us to walk through the building.  Once we stepped outside, the 25 degrees temperature felt like a welcome blast of airconditiong.  In our haste to get out of the humidity, I only managed to note several types of Hibiscus plants, tamarind tree, and a starfruit plant, all of which (humidity included) reminded me of home.  I took a photo of a banana tree in the Palm House, but none were taken in the sauna.

We stopped to use the facilities near the water lily pond, and spotted a peacock.  Hubby spotted him strutting his feathers in full glory while I was in the ladies, alas the camera was in my bag. 

We did the treetop walk – not overly impressive given that we’d done similar walks in Australia, but I’d seen it on telly and wanted to check out the view from a top.

We spent at least 4 hours walking around the gardens.  We did fit in a sandwich lunch at the Pavillion restaurant, and washed it down with a glass of rosé each.   Just before we left, we had afternoon tea at the Orangery which was lovely – I can’t remember the last time we sat outside and it was 25 degrees.  Actually it was Perth, 2 months ago.  Summer is long overdue.

We picked up a book on gardening, as well as a salad tosser from Victoria Plaza before calling it a day.

Thanks for a lovely date, Hubby. 

Moose you already, Kew Gardens.

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