Culinary conundrum

It’s been ultra quiet in my kitchen of late.   I’m on a bit of a health regime, and somehow half a pound of butter, sugar and double cream seem to go against the tide.  While Hubby tried to cop-out with his ‘it’s normal for men of a certain age to have a belly’, I know I will not pass muster should I turn up home (as in back home) with a non-baby pudgy belly.  

I broke the regime earlier this week by attempting to bake a black forest cake. My heart wasn’t in it though – there was too much sugar and double cream in the recipe.  I tasted a slice, and decided the time wasn’t right for big cakes and desserts at the moment, so I let it go to waste rather than to my waist.

As I am mostly a cookbook cook,  I couldn’t work out how I could continue to update this blog with my cooking chronicles, if I was sticking to tried and tested low-cal recipes.   Therefore I decided to leave the blog alone. 

My spirits were lifted this week when I attended a Wholefood Harmony workshop on Cleansing Cuisine.  My faith in my ability to cook, enjoy food, and to strike a balance between healthy and ‘that’s probably not entirely good for you’ food was restored.  

I was proud of my shopping basket today.   I have chickpeas soaking in a bowl by the sink,  oats in my favourite glass bowl covered in apple juice in the fridge – all set for a good day at the cookbookworm’s kitchen tomorrow.


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