Garden update 3 July 2011

We made some progress in the garden today.  I bought a greenhouse from amazon during the week, which I assembled this afternoon and transferred all the new seedlings from my window sill to their new home.

We went to a garden centre nearby and I saw a lovely mini olive tree, which I knew would be a nice addition to my patio.

Hubby had his heart set on topiary plants, and bought 2 for our decking area.  We’ll have to get them planters, but didn’t see anything suitable in the garden centre today.

We also bought 2 tomato plants and a mini cucumber plant, as well as top soil for the extended vegetable plot.  The new plants have been transferred to the vegetable plot and I hope they bear fruit soon.  We’ll just have to find a way to keep them away from the birds and squirrels.

This is how the extended and original vegetable plots look today.

I hope the weather continues to stay decent for the next few weeks.  The last two weeks have been a complete wash out, so let’s home with Wimbledon over, good weather is here to stay.


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