Sunflower Jam 2011 – Royal Albert Hall

I am on the mailing list for the beancounter’s institute, and received an email offering heavily discounted tickets to see a number of bands/singers perform at a charity bash, Sunflower Jam 2011, at the Royal Albert Hall the Friday before our trip to Montreuil sur mer.  I bought a pair of tickets as I knew Hubby would enjoy the gig.

I booked us a table at Awana for a quick meal before the concert – it was a non event, and I doubt if we’ll head there again. 

The concert was meant to start at 9pm, but when we took our seats and looked down at the stage, it became obvious the bash had started earlier with a dinner as there were a number of tables set up, and we were in the middle of an auction – a session with Bryan Adams, a weekend at Jeremy Irons’ castle in Cork, a signed Nelson Mandela memorabilia etc

I tuned out, as did most people in the audience who came for the music.

After a very long wait, the auction ended and the music began.  First up was Newton Faulkner – I am not familiar with his music, but his rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody was brilliant! I can’t name the other tunes he played, but I had my foot tapping away.

Next up for a few numbers including A Whiter Shade of Pale was Gary Brooker – not a great photo, but that’s all I managed.

Gary then introduced Joe Bonamassa ( and I had to Wiki him), a blues rock guitarist and singer.  Joe jammed with the late Gary Moore’s son, Jack and they played Midnight Blues.

Jon Lord from Deep Purple and Rick Wakeman shared the stage for a tune they wrote together recently.

It was 11pm, and we were at least an hour away from home, with an early start for France the next day, so we made a quick exit. I’ve just checked youtube, and it looks like everyone got together to sing Smoke on the Water! Shame, we waited all night for that song.


It was a fantastic night – a big thank you to the beancounter’s institute for the tickets.



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