Random July photos

I was going to blog about the ginger chicken udon I made for dinner tonight – alas, the dinner was ruined as the wok reached the end of its life, and we ended up having wok paint on the noodles.  What a shame.  I hope to purchase a new wok over the weekend and redo this recipe next week.

Here are some photos taken this month as a filler post.  Food blogging to resume hopefully tomorrow.

Cat on a hot tin roof – Whiskers is our neighbour’s cat from 2 doors down, but tends to stop by regularly to say hello.  His visits make my day.  Just yesterday, he kept me company while I watered my vegetable plot, putting his trust in me that I wouldn’t spray him with water.  Don’t worry, I didn’t. 

My new watering can – I bought this in Homebase earlier this evening.  It was marked down by 50% to just under £5.  It has a 3.5l capacity.  Hubby christened it by watering our topiaries – pink suits you hun!

We took a photo of the Michelin building on our way back from the Sunflower Jam at the Royal Albert Hall.

I spotted the above near the V&A museum.

This is one bizarre photo.  We were driving through Etaples during our recent trip to France when we spotted a sign for a circus.  I got very excited about it, and we stopped the car to have a look.  The circus hadn’t actually started but they had the animals grazing in the little green space near the parking lot.  There was a zebra and little goats as well.  Hubby wondered if they had a lion resting in one of the circus caravans.   I pictured the next day’s headline.  Man bitten by circus lion while holidaying in France.  Needless to say, we didn’t stick around too long to find out if the circus featured big cats.

My laptop is running extremely slow, so it’s a wrap for now.

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