Key to my heart…

This is not a food related post. 

I haven’t been feeling well this week.  I have been waking up extra early to have breakfast at home the past few days.   This morning, I opened my fridge but couldn’t for the life of me find the bowl of bircher muesli I prepared the night before.  The reason it wasn’t to be found was because it wasn’t made the night before.  I was thinking of the bowl I made 2 nights ago.  So breakfast at home was a no-go, and I decided to catch an earlier train into work.  Except there was a defective train on the way.  So, I left home at 7.12am and didn’t get to my desk until 8.50am.  I was not impressed.  To top it all off, I had a migraine that was into its 30th hour.

Hubby had a night out with work.  I didn’t end up leaving work until 7.15pm and by the time I arrived at my front door clutching a KFC fillet burger meal deal, it was close to 9pm.  I couldn’t wait to get in, get a glass of water (not the fizzy Tango accompanying my meal deal) and wash down a Hedex as my head was about to split. 

Except, I couldn’t find my keys. 

I remember opening the back door last night,  and then decided to have an early night.  Hubby must have locked up and left my keys somewhere.  I’ve never NOT had my keys on me.  I tried jumping over the back fence – I wanted nothing more than to sit on my decking and enjoy my now soggy burger and chips.  Alas, I was rather restricted in my freshly dry cleaned suit (well, not so fresh at that point).

So I made the call of shame to Hubby just as he was starting his evening out with work.  No, I promise you, it wasn’t a well executed plan to sabotage his night out. 

I left the KFC meal on my doorstep and walked to a nearby restaurant to kill time while Hubby made his way home.   The restaurant manager was very sympathetic and said he had all his keys on the one bunch including the keys to his 4 allotments.  So that got us talking about his vegetable plots.  Apparently chicken manure is the business.

Hubby rang when he was just around the corner.   I offered him my extra soggy KFC dinner. 

Sorry I ruined your night out, Hubby.  Thanks for rescuing me.


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