Lamb steaks and sweet potatoes

I’ve been wanting to make this dish for the past few weeks.  It was on our meal plan last night, but I wasn’t feeling very well, and had a bowl of cheerios instead.

Tonight, I vowed that if I got home safe and sound (rumours of riot in the city were rife), then I’d make us a nice dinner.  This is a Bill Granger recipe from his Feed Me Now book.  The original recipe uses lamb chump chops and is a 2 hour slow-cook affair.  Unfortunately, when you get home at 7pm, you want what the book says,  Feed Me Now!

I used lamb steaks instead, and had this meal ready within 40 minutes or so.  Perfect.

This dish was a hit.   The chilli I used must have been a spicy one (and I am not a chilli wuss) and it gave the tomato base a good kick.  The original recipe called for coriander, but I didn’t have any for garnish.  Definitely a keeper.


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