Happy 2nd, blog

2 years, and over 400 posts, mostly about food, some travel and ranting about tube delays, this blog has given me a sense of purpose, an outlet to vent, and a record of my life as a 30 something woman.  I may not have been a cookbookworm when I started blogging, but I certainly am now as evidenced by my expanding collection of cookbooks.   One of the negative impacts of having a food blog is an expanding waist-size.  You may have noticed the temporary absence of butter and oil in my recipes in the last few weeks.  I’m trying to get in shape for our holiday, and also for the big trip home at the end of the year. 

I think I’ll deal with one holiday at a time. 

This blog is probably a guilty pleasure as well.  Only Hubby and 2 sets of friends know of the blog and visit it occasionally.  Unfortunately, Chronicles of a Cookbookworm hasn’t inspired Hubby to cook, but he does enjoy the food which is inspired by the blog.  Thanks for your support, Hubby. 

Here’s to many more chronicles – food, travel, tube misery and DIYs.  Happy 2nd, blog.


2 thoughts on “Happy 2nd, blog

  1. Happy second birthday/anniversary????. Keep it up, I have had the pleasure of trying a good few of your receipes and they are fab. Stavros

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