I went to bed fairly late last night and as I was about to doze off, realised that Hubby wasn’t feeling too well.  I woke up (it was past midnight), and made him a hot lemon tea and waited up with him until he felt better.

I am a creature of habit and tend to wake up early at the weekends.  I decided to catch up on the news online.  Hubby went downstairs to watch telly.  About an hour later, I went downstairs to get some breakfast and Hubby summoned me into the living room.  ‘This is so cool, you have to watch this’. 

He had Sky+ all the Glastonbury gigs and was re-watching Beyonce’s concert.  ‘You have to see this’, he repeated.

He rewinded the gig to a dance routine she did – now, I love Beyonce just as anyone else, and she was gyrating for a full minute and Hubby said ‘Wow,  think of the s** you’d get off her’. 

I had left my sense of humour upstairs, so I told him I was going to quote him on my blog.

Hubby, I’m sure you’re well capable of making hot lemon tea for yourself.  Or you could give B a call to sort you out.


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