Lake Constance – Day 1

This was the view from our balcony when I drew the curtains this morning.

Hubby and I are in Immenstaad am Bodensee this week to celebrate our wedding anniversary as well as my birthday.   We flew into Stuttgart yesterday and drove the 140km or so down to Lake Constance.  As soon as we checked into the hotel, we changed into shorts and t-shirt as it was 31 degrees celsius.  It was baking hot, the sky was blue and we made a beeline for the harbour.

Lake Constance is the 3rd largest lake in Europe, and is shared by Germany, Switzerland and Austria.   I couldn’t get over how big the lake was.

We had a quick bite to eat at the Yatch club nearby and retired to our room for a little rest as we had been up since 5.15am and it was fast approaching 4pm.  Our room, albeit a little on the smaller side, has a balcony and is facing the marina.   The only downside to the room is that it doesn’t have any air-conditioning and there isn’t a fan either.  We left the balcony door open to let some air in, and rested for an hour.

We drove to Meersburg which is around 8km away from Immenstaad.  It is a picturesque lakeside, historical town and houses the oldest castle in Germany.   We took some photos on the DSLR, but can’t seem to download the photos.  I’ll post them when we get home.  I read positive reviews of a restaurant in the Romantik Residenz Hotel in Meersburg and booked us in for dinner.  Unfortunately their main restaurant is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, but their other restaurant was open.  We were seated on the balcony terrace overlooking the lake.  It was romantic.

It was very warm and neither of us were overly hungry, so we skipped starters and ordered our main courses.  However, we were in for a pleasant surprise.  We were served a bread basket with 2 types of bread, regular and herb butter as well as a bowl of radish.  We had a bit of everything and the radish especially was surprisingly tasty with a bit of herby butter.

While we were helping ourselves to the bread, we were each served our amuse bouche which was a lightly smoked fish salad in a creamy tomato base.  It was a cold salad, and was absolutely delicious.  I mopped up the last of the tomato base with the bread.

Feeling like quite the piggy for eating a lot of bread, I was hoping that my open ravioli with baked trout and julienned oriental vegetables would be rather light.

The dish looked delicate and was beautifully presented.  I tucked into the first layer of ravioli and underneath it was a big piece of trout.  The fish tasted really fresh and I suspect, hadn’t travelled too far from its source.  The pasta was very light and the accompanying creamy/foamy sauce was seasoned just right.  The vegetables were carrot, green beans and another vegetable I couldn’t work out – hardly oriental, but were equally delicious in the sauce.

Hubby ordered braised lamb and artichokes.  I had a taste of the lamb – it was a melt in your mouth moment.  I suspect Hubby was really happy with his choice.

We really should have called the bill at this stage as we were comfortably full, but seeing that it was our first night on holidays, decided to share a trio or sorbet – lime, mango and cassis.  I forgot about photos until we were halfway through!

We called for the bill, but were then presented with complimentary milk coffee ice creams – although the portion for each person was small, I was beyond stuffed at this stage.  The bill came to €90, which also included 2 aperitif, and 2 glasses of wine, which was excellent value for the food as well as the lovely view.  The service was impeccable.  We were very impressed by the meal, and went ahead and booked a table for our anniversary dinner.

When we got back to the hotel, we decided to have a night cap and ordered a karaffe of Bodensee rosé to share.  Our order got lost in translation, but it took me a while to realise that I wasn’t seeing double.

Day 2 to follow.


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