Lake Constance to Fussen

We were quite tired after our 3 countries-in-a-day trip the day before.  There was another electrical storm last night, the room was stuffy and neither of us slept well again.  I was up by 7am, and asked Hubby to check with reception if we could check out without incurring cancellation costs.  It was fine – they were extremely busy and expected the room to go to someone else in a blink.

We were planning on visiting Fussen that day – it was my birthday and our 4th wedding anniversary, and were in Fussen last year on the same date.  However, instead of coming back to the Bodensee, we decided to spend the remainder of our holiday in Fussen.  I booked us into Hotel Sonne online, packed our bags, had a quick breakfast and literally headed for the hills!

We stopped to take some photos as we drove away from Lindau.

Check out the clear blue sky.  It was to be another warm day.  The drive to Fussen took just over an hour.  We remembered the road leading into the town and drove to Hotel Sonne.  We were about 2 hours too early for check-in, so we decided to leave the car at the hotel car park and talk a walk in the old town.

We realised that we hadn’t seen the Fussen Heritage Museum and bought combination tickets for €7 each which included entrance to the Hohes Schloss (Castle).   The museum was well worth the visit – there were various interesting displays – violin workshop, 20 paintings depicting the Dance of Death, the paintings on the ceiling in the music room, the library containing books going back to the 1800s, to name a few.

Today was also King Ludwig II’s birthday.

Whilst I was enjoying the tour indoors, I couldn’t help but notice how lovely it was outside from one of the windows.

It was almost 12.30pm and I suggested lunch and a beer at the nearby Gasthof Krone which we went to last year.   It does look like we’re sticking to the tried and tested here, but I now understand why some people go on repeat holidays.  There’s something absolutely charming about Fussen.   It could be the Alpine air, the friendliness of the people we’ve met, the food, the drink….

It wasn’t overly busy at Gasthof Krone and we were seated as soon as we walked in.  The restaurant has a medieval setting and all staff are dressed in medieval clothes.

We ordered a light wheat beer each which came served in a tumbler.

It was very warm out so neither of us were too hungry.  Hubby ordered a portion of Bratwurst and sauerkraut.

 Unfortunately I couldn’t really decide on what I wanted so I ordered spatzle, which is described as egg noodles and it was served tosse din cheese and served with fried shallots.  I had it last year in Augsburg and is a hearty dish.  The spatzle was also served with a big portion of salad, or vitamins, as our waiter joked.

Having had a total of 4 hours sleep in 48 hours, you can imagine what such a heavy meal followed by a pint does to you on a hot afternoon.

We checked in at 2.20pm and slept until 5pm at least!

It was only day 3 of our holidays, and I was sick of eating out already.  For my birthday meal (we decided to call our meal at the Romantik Hotel in Meersburg our anniversary meal), we went back to the Italian restaurant we ate in last year, Il Pescatore – the reviews on Tripadvisor were positive and the restaurant was only 5 minutes walk away.  The reviews don’t lie though – we waited a very long time for our drinks and food.  However, knowing this in advance (and I was still full from the spatzle) made the wait less painful.

Hubby ordered steak in truffle cream, which was served with a side of pasta.  I had a taste of the paste – it was delicious. Hubby wasn’t overly keen on the steak though.   He thought the meat didn’t taste as fresh as it should.

I ordered prawns in garlic and white wine sauce, which was served with garlic spinach and sautéed potatoes.  The prawns were served in a separate dish and there were 5 large prawns.  The waitress placed 2 prawns on my plate, while the rest was kept warm on the serving dish.  This was a winner.

Neither of us were in the form for staying out so we headed back to our hotel.  Seeing that I had consumed enough garlic to keep vampires away, we decided to watch New Moon.  I had brought along a few DVDs to watch in case we felt like having some down time, and it was the perfect ending to our first evening in Fussen.


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