Learning to drive – lesson 1

I bit the bullet earlier this week and booked some driving lessons with a local school. My first lesson was this morning which I anticipated with a mixture of nervousness and excitement.  I learnt to drive in a manual car 18 years ago, and I decided to stick to a manual transmission.

My instructor, Ally, was curious as to why I never drove after passing my test.  I left home for college.  I could barely afford lunch let alone a car.  I relied on public transportation and never saw the need to drive, I guess.  I did remind him though that I learnt to drive in a different language.  I think he had more faith in me than I did in myself.

I sat in the driver’s seat, put my seat belt on, adjusted my seat, my mirrors, started the car and off I went.  My route for the first lesson was a straight route with a few roundabouts thrown in.  I cut out twice at roundabouts.  I broke a 30mph speed limit.  The car rolled back as I didn’t understand what ‘balancing the clutch and gas while in first gear until you feel the bite’ meant. 

I bought a book recently – Jonathan Franzen’s The Corrections.  I didn’t enjoy it.  There was too much disfunctionality.  The characters were messed up.  The book was 653 pages long.  I stuck at it, and resolved to read it from cover to cover.  I followed through and finished it two days ago and still disliked the book. 

Overall, I didn’t dislike driving today.  What I didn’t like was how I couldn’t co-ordinate my limbs, head and eyes. In my head, I know what I need to do.  How do I translate that to my hands and feet?  What I know is that I will follow through.  I’m driving again on Wednesday after work, and next Saturday.


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