Garden update September 2011

I took some photos of my vegetable garden this evening. I’ve had very little crop this summer, however seeing that I am a novice gardener, some trial and error is expected.  

I completed my Mediterranean garden today with a little bay tree to accompany the olive and lemon trees. 

My poor dwarf beans have been attached by slugs, snails and ladybirds.

I had to rescue my savoy cabbage from the vegetable plot and re-planted it in a bucket. 

I have three little yellow courgettes growing and I hope they make it as the only other courgette which grew was attacked by slugs.

I had to propped up this tomato plant last week due to strong winds.  Check out the tomatoes growing on the vines.

The curly kale is the sturdiest plant in my garden.  I’ve had plenty of harvest and it tastes absolutely fabulous in soupe au pistou.

This butternut squash plant is growing wild ever since I moved it from plot #1 to the newer plot.  A watched pot never boils, so I should stop checking on the squash everyday. 

I bought this rhubarb plant for Hubby.  It had a shaky start, but seems to be doing ok (fingers crossed).

We have tall trees at the back of the garden – I expect my vegetable garden will be covered by falling leaves in the next few weeks.  I am not sure what will become of the garden this coming winter.   Some of the plants may not survive the harsh weather.  😦


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