Learning to drive – lesson #2

I booked my second driving lesson for 7.30pm this evening.  I dashed home after work, had instant noodles for dinner, followed by a pot of fat-free yoghurt.  Sustenance is key.   I have to admit, I was very nervous getting into the car.  We drove off as we did last Saturday, except we went on a different route.  My instructor had a few surprises up his sleeves. 

He got me to pull over and do a hill start.  Then when we were waiting for the lights to change, he made me drive to the central reservation area and wait to turn when the coast was clear.  Except he didn’t predict a big, long truck would do the same from the other direction, blocking my vision. 

I cut-out only once, but driving at night made me extremely nervous.  About 20 minutes before my lesson ended, I think I had an information overload, and forgot how to change gears!

My instructor has the patience of a saint, which I am grateful for. 

He said I over-turned the steering wheel.  We only worked out the reason for that at the end of the lesson when I told him I learnt to drive in a Datsun banger that had no power steering 18 years ago.  I wish I could turn back the clock by 18 years.  I had more guts back then.  However, to give myself some credit, I did pick up the phone and booked these lessons.  Otherwise,  I could blissfully ride as a passenger forever. 

Next lesson is Saturday morning.  Just as well I don’t do lie-ins any more.


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