A fine holiday in Fussen

Continued from here.

I didn’t post a concluding post on our holiday in Germany a few weeks ago.   Our 2nd day in Fussen was yet another glorious one weather-wise.  It was 30 degrees or so, but we had a big, comfortable room (similar to last year), with a little fan to keep us cool.  Plus the air on the foot of the alps was better compared the Lake Constance.

After a good night’s sleep, followed by a leisurely breakfast at the hotel, we went for a little drive.  Our hotel is less than 5 minutes drive from the Austrian border.  We drove by the Lechfall and stopped to take some snapshots.

The fresh alpine air played havoc with my appetite and I was constantly hungry.   We drove to Pinswang and found ourselves at Gasthof Schluxen again.   Hubby had a beer while I ordered vegetarian cheesy dumplings served with sauerkraut. 

A lot of people stopped by at the guesthouse on the way to/from hiking or cycling.  We spotted this really cute sign just outside the guesthouse.

We drove around for a little longer, and then headed back to the hotel to rest.  That evening, we drove to Hopfen-Am-See.  Just 2 days in Fussen and we were missing lakes! 

We went for a lovely walk along the promenade and Hubby spotted rowing boats for hire.

Having re-watched Bridge Jones – The Edge of Reason recently, Hubby wanted to recreate the lake scene by taking me on a little rowing boat-ride.   I forget how much we  paid – possible €10 for 20 minutes and we were advised to stay within 500 metres of the jetty.   Hubby was in his element, but we were so caught up in the scenery while he was rowing that we forgot to recite poetry ala Daniel Cleaver and Bridget!

The restaurant where we had our anniversary dinner, the Fisherhutte is along the promenade.  We decided not to trace our footsteps back to the restaurant and had a simple Chinese meal in Fussen itself.

We spent our remaining 1 1/2 days in Fussen just chilling out, having nice, simple meals, going for walks and watching a few episodes of House on DVD which I’d brought along with us.

We checked out of Hotel Sonne Sunday 28th August.  Our flight wasn’t until 7pm that evening from Stuttgart which was about 2 hours drive away.  We decided to break journey in Ulm.   We parked near the town square, and went for a walk to check out the sights and grab a quick bite to eat.  The Ulm church is apparently the tallest in the world. 

Seeing that it was a Sunday, the shops were mostly closed.  We had another 100 km or so to go, so we decided make tracks.  As we made good progress on the roads,  we decided to stop at Tubingen, a very pretty town, about 30 km outside Stuttgart.

The town was buzzing with tourists and families out enjoying the weather.   We went in search of ice-cream but the queues were too long and we decided to stick to bottled water which we had with us.

We took a few photos to remember the town by, and got on the road to Stuttgart Airport.  Our holiday had come to an end.  Thank you Hubby for your lovely company, and for all the driving you did. 

Here’s a parting shot of ice-kaffe, which Hubby grew fond of drinking whilst on holidays.


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