Harvest dinner party

We had invited our lovely friends from Wholefood Harmony, Anna and Scott for dinner last night.   I’ve attended a number of Anna’s Macrobiotic food workshops and knew she was an accomplished cook.  Scott himself is quite the baker.  I wanted to put up a good spread for them.  They are also keen gardeners and we decided that we should throw a harvest party next year, which is why I belatedly decided to name last night’s get together, a Harvest dinner party.

This was my menu for the evening:


Soup au pistou


Baked balsamic salmon

Vegetarian paella (same recipe used for seafood paella)

Tangerine and fennel salad

Vegetable gyoza


Choc fudge cake

Apple slice


We were so busy catching up that we took very few photos. 

Here’s a photo of the lovely couple.

Unfortunately Scott had hurt his back earlier in the day, and had to keep the spasms at bay with the aid of Anna’s hot water bottle which they brought along with them.

It was a lovely evening catching up on what we’d been up to since our last get together a few months ago.   Anna has planned quite a few Macrobiotic food workshops for October and November.  Anna also does food and health coaching, catering and offers a personal chef service so check out her website.

See you both in a few weeks for curry night!


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