Learning to drive – 4th lesson

I started getting nervous about today’s driving lesson on Wednesday while at work.   While waiting for my instructor this morning, my stomach was churning.  When I got in the car, I forgot that I had to go into 1st gear in order to get the car moving.  Thankfully it was all part of warming up as I got on ok after that. 

I approached a set of lights and had to stop on a downward slope.  When turning, I ended up coasting for having my foot on the clutch.  I told me instructor that the only way I was going to learn was to do it again, so we came back to the same spot after 15 minutes and I had a better turn with the clutch completely up.

I did a bit of dangerous driving while at a roundabout.  Apparently I had to wait for the 2nd car on my right (who wasn’t on the roundabout) to pass before making my move as I was going slow.  I would have failed in a test, but I told the instructor that the car was going too fast for his own good and he should have slowed down especially upon seeing a learner.  I have attitude.

I ended the drive on a better note today.  I somehow found a bit of co-ordination and managed the gas-clutch balance better than last week.  I did cut out twice, but it didn’t bother me. 

I have my 5th lesson tomorrow – Ally suggested we start on manoeuvers i.e. parking and reversing.  I asked to go on another drive to capitalise on today’s improvements.  I think he just wants me off the road!

Thankfully my stomach has stopped churning – it’s an awful waste of energy to be worrying about failing.   Perhaps Hubby was right about last week’s lesson being a turning point for me. 

Please god, let tomorrow’s lesson be a good one as well.

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