Not feeling the love, Rasa Sayang….

I don’t really do restaurant reviews, but after our less than satisfying lunch today, I felt compelled to blog about it.

Hubby and I got chatting to a Malaysian waiter at a restaurant last night, and we asked him where his favourite Malaysian restaurant in London was.  He struggled to name any, to be honest and we asked him about Rasa Sayang in Chinatown.  ‘Don’t bother, it’s a rip-off’.

When Rasa Sayang first opened in Chinatown a few years ago, we ate there at least once a week.  Hubby loved their nasi lemak, satay and my favourite was their Char Kuey Teow.  When we moved out to Zone 5, we ended up eating out a lot less.  Blue Pacific near Golders Green became my favourite stop for Malaysian food.

Hubby and I took young A who’s visiting from Perth into the city today and we decided to have lunch at Rasa Sayang.  I ordered a Seafood Hor Fun, a nasi lemak for Hubby, and a nyonya chicken curry and rice for A.   Although we had 2 cameras between us, we forgot to take photos as we were famished and tucked in as soon as the food arrived.

First up was my Hor Fun.  It was ok, had the right consistency but I took one bite of the prawn and it tasted like it had come from the bottom of the freezer.  We were meant to be out for the day and I didn’t want to risk a bellyache and so I left the squid and one remaining prawn in the bowl and just ate the noodles.  I was very disappointed.

Hubby’s nasi lemak arrived next and we both knew from the look of it that it wasn’t fresh.  The rice tasted old and like it had been cooked with too much water.  The boiled egg looked grey and tired, as did the chicken curry accompanying the dish. 

Young A was trying to entice us to take him to one of the many ‘Eat as much as you like for £8/9/10’ places we walked passed, but Hubby and I kept going on about how we were dubious about the freshness of the food on offer.

A had asked me what type of cuisine was served at Rasa Sayang and I had proudly said Malaysian.  I almost hung my head in shame when his nyonya curry turned up with the same tired look as Hubby’s nasi lemak curry, and extremely soggy and old-tastying rice.  He is quite a diplomatic young man, and said to me that it was ok, and left it at that. 

The bill was just under £30 for the above including 4 drinks. 

Rasa Sayang means ‘feel the love’ in Malay.  Unfortunately, today none of us felt that way about their food and also their lack of service (but I never go to Chinatown for service anyway).

We asked A what he was looking forward to in Dublin and he said Bray chicken curry and Domino’s.

I’ve just sent the boys out to get us a couple of pizzas and sides from Domino’s – you can always count on them for some love.
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