Autumn harvest

I had been neglecting my garden for over a week now.  A cold front moved in on Wednesday, putting an end to our Indian summer where temperatures soared to just under 30 degrees for a week. 

After my driving lesson today, I went to check on my plants.  My tailbone was aching from having sat in the car for an hour and I needed to stretch my legs.   The pepper and basil plants in my growhouse had withered so I revived them with water and miracle-gro.  The vegetable patch didn’t look too good either.  My courgette plant, once wild and vibrant with flowers looked a sorry sight.  There were some tomatoes growing, but my cucumber plant which was sprouting 2 little cucumbers last week looked extremely withered and you could tell that the little cucumbers weren’t going to make it.

I lifted the tunnel where i have leaves growing, and to my surprise, the swiss chard and spinach plants looked healthy and ready for harvest.    The squash looked the same size as it did a month ago. 

I caught the tail end of a gardening program on BB2 yesterday, and the man on the show said that if anyone’s out in the garden over the weekend, do nothing.  If the weather happens to be good, pull out a chair and enjoy the weather, for there is little else you can do once the weather turns.  I heeded his advice, and did what I think is my final harvest for the year.

Front row: dwarf beans and runner beans

Back road L-R: swiss chard, spinach, tomatoes, curly kale

Almost too pretty to eat.  I’m living off takeaways this weekend as am home alone, but I hope to make a big pot of minestrone tomorrow and I think the vegetables would go well in it.


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