Learning to drive – lesson #7

My instructor texted ahead this morning to say he was running late.  My lesson started 40 minutes later than planned and all the while I was sat in front of the telly watching episodes of Masterchef Oz which I had Sky+ from earlier in the week.  My stomach was in double knots. 

The knots normally come undone at some point during the lesson, but they didn’t today.   I told my instructor not to say anything. 

It wasn’t  a bad lesson, but I had too much going on in my head.  I was still seething about matters at work.  I was home alone for an extended weekend, and if you knew me at all, you’d understand that I don’t like to be stuck in the schticks.   At least 2 people made me feel completely insignificant last week and I don’t know why I am taking it to heart.  I have a migraine which went on for 24 hours, stopped for 24 hours, and has started again.   I could have bawled my eyes out during my lesson. 

Instead, I told my instructor that I was having a bad week, so please don’t say anything, I’ll do better next time. 

When I approach junctions and roundabouts, I need to start braking gently from a safe distance.  Not too quick, and not too late.  If I am in 3rd gear, I need to switch to second gear and roll into 1st gear if necessary. 

Positioning is important.  When I’m taking my spot at junctions and roundabouts, I need to stick to my lane and not cross to the lane beside mine. 

Mirrors.  Use them.  Look into the left wing mirror before you decide if you can start positioning into the lane beside you.  Equally, look into the right mirror, watch out for bikes and impatient drivers who look like they are about to overtake you. 

Signal:  You need to warn others of your intended actions in advance, but again, not too soon, and not too late. 

Observation:  Keep a lookout for road signs – speed limits, roundabout signs, schools, junctions, cows in the area (!) and again speed limits.  There is a reason that car is riding close to your rear. 

Bless him, Ally did as he was told and let me off the hook.  He did say I wasn’t too bad, but I knew what he wasn’t saying.   He did say though that I had ok clutch control (although I lift them too quick after changing gears from time to time)., so I think I won’t have to switch to an automatic car for lessons (he said in my earlier lessons that if I didn’t improve on clutch control, he’d recommend that I switch to an automatic car).

Th rain has cleared and it is a mild day out.  I am going to get myself out of stalemate and head into London for a spot of lunch and shopping.  If you see a stressed-out gal in Ping Pong at Oxford Street, that would be me.


2 thoughts on “Learning to drive – lesson #7

  1. Fair play, I think you are brilliant taking up the driving again, next time we meet up will you be able to give my dad a lesson or two??. Stavros

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