Learning to drive – lesson #8

I had my 8th driving lesson this morning.   My instructor was 20 minutes late but he couldn’t text me as he had left his phone at home.   I hate waiting any longer than I have to as it makes me extra nervous. 

Today’s route wasn’t overly challenging, thankfully.  I did cut out at a junction as I had to stop for a reversing car but I forgot to step on the clutch fully.  My instructor wasn’t too concerned as my recovery was good.  I didn’t panic. I re-started the car and turned right into a junction as planned.

Driving 40 mph on a country road is scary.  I had a few cars drive very close to my bumper but I stuck to the speed limit and they overtook when they could. 

My instructor’s car was low on fuel so I offered to do the filling up, which was my second time as I had helped fill up Hubby’s car recently.   Coming out of the petrol station was tricky as the traffic into the village was heavy but there was an opportunity to drive on when a truck on the opposite side stopped traffic while reversing. 

My lesson then came to an end and as I pulled over outside my house, I hit the curb as I forgot to straighten the steering wheel and the car’s hub cab got damaged.  Ally assured me that it was a plastic cap and he had a few spares, so he told me not to worry and literally shooed me off.

My 9th lesson is next Sunday and Ally wants me to book my test soon as the waiting period is extremely long.  I had a quick look and only mid-week slots were available in January and February.  Apparently the best slot was Sunday 9.17am. 

I think I’m a bit more comfortable driving now, but I need to get my own car soon. 

Personally, I’d prefer a banger fit for the scrapyard.


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