Learning to drive – lesson #9

I only had one lesson last weekend.  It was good to have Sunday morning free.  Similarly, I only had one lesson this weekend which was earlier this morning just as the All Blacks had performed their Haka.   The roads were quiet thankfully.

Today’s focus was on manoeuvres.  We drove into a supermarket car park and I practised bay parking.  My instructor asked me if I’d done it before.  Yes, I said. 18 years ago. 

I positioned the car to a point where my wing mirror was parallel to the line of a bay beside me.  I then had to observe all around me using mirrors and turning my head to check for pedestrians, cyclists and cars.

I then reversed slowly, turning my wheel clockwise completely until the car was in the bay.  I checked the bay lines on both sides, opening my door where necessary. 

The lesson here is that If I am closer to the line on my left and there’s space on the right, move forward to the right, then slowly to the left and straighten the car.  Reverse back into the bay slowly. 

The key here is control and to keep speed to a minimum.  I did cut out twice but it wasn’t a poor effort for someone who hasn’t parked a car in 18 years! 

We tried parallel parking which I found quite daunting however Ally assured me that it would come with practice.

We then hit the road again and the hour flew by quickly.   At one point I held up traffic by keeping to 30 mph.  There was another angry van driver behind me but put an end to his torture when I turned off to a side road.

I am driving on Friday, Saturday and Sunday next week taking me to lessons 10,11 and 12.

The big news is that I’ve now booked my driving test in January! I know I’ve come a long way since lesson #1 and am hoping that I would feel more confident come lesson #20. 



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