Learning to drive – lesson #10

I have the day off work today.  I booked a driving lesson for 9am and my instructor turned up at 9.15 (having texted me earlier to warn me he was running late).  

I hate driving and I hate my lessons.   I’d rather get the bus/tube or walk.  I’ve been fine using public transportation for 35 years, and I’m sure I’ll be fine for another 35 if I live that long.   I told my instructor as much today.

Today’s route wasn’t difficult.   I should have nailed it. Except, I didn’t.  I wasn’t fully in control of the car.  Turns on roundabouts were messy.  I cut out while turning at a junction and I’m still upset thinking about how I put my passenger (instructor)’s life at risk.    I insisted we tackled the same junction again and I did ok.  But life doesn’t always offer you second chances.

He said I was rushing to change gears and panicking when faced with (less-than) tricky situations. 

Everyday when walking to the tube station, I observe cars passing me by.  I often wonder if they ever went through the difficulties I’m facing in learning to drive.

I don’t have a car to practice in yet – we’re working on it.  It’s hard to go from lesson to lesson without having any practice of my own.  I am severely lacking in confidence and am wondering why I bothered learning in the first instance.


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