There’s no heat off the rads!

There’s something wrong with the radiators.  I was home alone all day with only the oven to keep me warm while I was baking.   The following is the conversation that took place between me and the man of the house at 7.30pm.

Me:  I couldn’t get the rads to come on.  Can you check it? It’s freezing in here.

MoTH: Ok, I’ve cranked up the heat.  The rads should come on.

Me: (10 mins later) Is it on? The rads are cold.

MoTH: I don’t know.  Maybe it’s not coming on.  (MoTH decided to paint the stairs at this precise moment)

Me: (10 mins later) Well, did you check it?

MoTH: What? (still painting the stairs)

Me: I’ll have a look at it myself (odd symbols flashing on boiler control panel). 

Me:  (5 mins later) Can you ring them?

MoTH: What’s the number for the boiler crowd?

Me:  Don’t you have it on your phone?

Call is made by MoTH.   It’s possible that the temperature setting on the control panel isn’t high enough.  10 minutes later, the rads are still cold.  However, we have partially painted stairs.  MoTH, I’m sure the new paint will keep you warm tonight.


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