Learning to drive – lesson #11

I got into the car this morning praying that I’d do better than yesterday’s lesson.  Today’s lesson involved a degree of independent driving and we covered some roundabouts as well.  My first roundabout wasn’t great.  I was in the wrong lane and we ended up going around in a circle before I drove onto the correct lane.  Apart from hitting a curb once, I didn’t stall and the rest of the lesson went well. 

Key points to remember:

  • Go slow around corners, bends, roundabouts – you’ll have better control of the car
  • When the speed limit is about to change, observe the mirrors before changing your speed
  • Roundabouts – they’re all different.  For smaller roundabouts, position the car to the centre so as not to confuse drivers behind you
  • Plan – you may need to slow down, change gears or change lanes depending on the situation ahead. 
  • Don’t panic – this will affect your performance

Lesson #11 tomorrow – parking is on the agenda.

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