Diwali party

Hubby and I invited some friends over for a Diwali dinner party last night.  I took Friday off and started cooking right after my driving lesson.  This was my menu (photos recycled from old posts):


1) Dhal

2) Massaman curry (chicken)

3) Cambodian curry (butternut squash, aubergine)

Side dishes:

1) Mixed vegetables and ginger stir-fry

2) Fish cakes

3) Take-out Tandoori Chicken

4) Pineapple, cucumber and tomato salad with store-bought satay sauce

5) Roti Canai

6) Steamed and brown basmati rice


1) Apple slice

2) Vegan fruit crumble

3) Nectarine and almond tart

My lovely friend Anna from Wholefood Harmony brought a platter of courgette fritters which went down a treat.  We were so keen to tuck in that we forgot to snap photos!

A good night was had – thankfully the meal came together.  We did have some food leftover which made for a hearty lunch and dinner.  I suspect this may be my last dinner party for 2011 and if it turns out to be so, then I’d like to think we ended on a high note.


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