Learning to drive – lesson #13

Key points from today’s lesson:

  1.  Check mirrors before manoeuver
  2. Don’t cut roundabouts – go around them (little ones)
  3. If you’re waiting in the central reservation area waiting to turn, complete the turn even when your light turns red as you’ll be blocking the road otherwise

Today’s lesson involved 3 roundabouts and independent driving.  I did make mistakes 1 and 2 above, but point 3 is a reminder should I find myself in that situation. 

There’s a tree not too far from where I live which always has flowers tied around it.  I knew a 19 year old boy died there in a crash 2 years ago.  Today I found out that his brother takes driving lessons from my instructor. 

I wrote after lesson 6 that I couldn’t wait for lesson #13.  I now can’t wait for lesson #20.  I doubt if I’ll be any better than I am now, but I’m really not enjoying my lessons and the sooner I can start independently with a full license, the better.


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