My day off today

I’ve been working flat-out the past few weeks.  This week has been full of meetings and catch-ups in addition to getting things done.  How are you meant to work if you’re constantly in meetings?

The dark evenings are also messing with my brain.  I’m starting to feel that I’m getting up earlier than usual (i.e. it is dark at 6.45am but it wasn’t so 2 weeks ago) and I’m getting home when it is dark (7.30pm – pitch black).  When I get home, even before I change out of my suit, I make a beeline for the kitchen to get started on dinner.  If it is a new recipe, then I blog about it.  Then we both take turns on the Wii/crosstrainer.  It’s 11.30pm before I know it and it’s off to bed.  Somehow this routine doesn’t affect me physically in the summer.  I think I’ve been afflicted with SADness (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

So it was Wednesday mid-morning and I was yawning away at work.  I checked my diary for Thursday and lo and behold, there was not a meeting in sight.  I knew what I had to do.  I booked Thursday (today) off.   Unlike the last time I had a day off, I had no intentions of booking a driving lesson.  That stressed me out before and after my lesson, and my day was ruined.

Today’s plan is as follows:

  1. Stay in PJs until 4pm
  2. Steam xmas pudding
  3. Cook tasty soup for lunch
  4. Catch up on Sky+ shows (Masterchef Oz, Grey’s Anatomy)

I signed up for a cooking workshop with Wholefood Harmony this evening and that will round my day off nicely. 

Back to work for a full day of meetings, but having a day to myself today would make tomorrow manageable.

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