Siam Central, Fitzrovia – a quick review

I met Hubby near his workplace yesterday evening.   We had a voucher for dim T on Charlotte street and decided to give it a go.  Unfortunately, we were seated quite close to the tables on either side of us when the entire restaurant was empty.  I was tempted to ask the couples next to us if we should just join up our tables and make up a party of 6 – that’s how closely seated we were.   I’m not a fan of chains and neither is Hubby, so we walked out before ordering.

We stumbled upon Siam Central, about 2 minutes further down the road.  It looked like a cosy little cafe where we wouldn’t have any qualms about sitting too close to the next table.  The menu looked good and cheap for a mid-week dinner and I didn’t need much persuading.

We were seated upstairs at the only table that was available.  There was a bit more gap between our table and the one beside us compared to dim T.  It was full house in Siam Central on a Wednesday evening circa 7pm.   We had a friendly waiter take our orders.  A glass of wine and a tofu mee goreng (friend noodles – just until £6 I think) for me,  and a Tiger beer and lamb massaman (under £7) with steamed rice (£2) for Hubby.  I didn’t take any photos – I only had my phone, and it is something I feel awkward doing in restaurants.

We didn’t have to wait too long for our food.  I was initially disappointed that my mee goreng came with thin yellow noodles (almost vermicelli size) as opposed to medium-sized yellow noodles, but it was delicious.  There were plenty of vegetables (peppers, mangetout, beansprouts, carrots), tofu and a good hint of chilli.  The dish was a tad oily, but I wasn’t overly concerned as I’ve been eating well all week and if I was going to be naughty, I’d want it to be worthwhile dish. 

Hubby’s lamb massaman curry was a delicious balance of sweet, sour and creamy.  The lamb was very tender, and there were generous chunks of potatoes which made Hubby extremely happy.  The portion of rice served was generous and fluffy.  We swapped dishes halfway through as we were both suffering from food envy. 

We asked for the dessert menu and our friendly waiter recommended fried ice-cream, coconut crepes and mango sticky rice.  We ordered the first 2 dishes and in hindsight, we should have just had one dish to share.

The fried ice-cream was big!  It was vanilla ice-cream dipped in batter, deep fried and covered with sticky cinnamon syrup.  This was a very indulgent dessert.  Hubby struggled to finish it and I found it a bit heavy after the carbs consumed for our mains.  Still, it was delicious.

My coconut crepe was essentially Kueh Dadar.  The crepe was pandan flavoured, stuffed with coconut and palm sugar which was served with vanilla ice cream.  The crepes were very small but the perfect sweet treat after my heavy meal.

The bill came to £33 including 10% service charge.  I think they do express lunch menus which Hubby is keen to try sometime.  Will we come back? Definitely. Move over dim T.

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