Learning to drive – lesson #15

I had my 15th driving lesson this morning.  There was no warm up, ease into driving mode start to the lesson.  I drove away from the house and my instructor told me to turn into a house estate nearby.  I could see the roads were busy.

There was a red car parked on the side of the road.  He asked me to pull up beside the car and reverse park.  I was a tad nervous after my abysmal performance on parallel parking last week, but I had done my homework and checked the motions and tips on youtube and made notes.   There were cars passing by and I had to let them go before I started reversing.   Note: Observe all around before reversing.  This is something I can improve on.

My parking was decent enough.  He then told me to drive off and then less than 10 meters later, asked me to pull over and do a turn in the road.  Again, I had to let cars go before I could turn, reverse and drive off but I felt rushed as there were cars waiting for me.   I must make sure to get a Sunday test as the roads will be less busy.

There were a couple of roundabouts, one was slightly shaky but there weren’t many cars about so I got away with it.   We also turned at junctions with traffic lights.  I had to wait in the middle for the road to clear before turning left, but on one turn, took the clutch off too quickly.  I didn’t cut out, but the car jerked a little.

I think the hardest part of today’s lesson was at the start.  I found that I had more control of the car and speed.   Note: Check the left wing mirror when you’re about to move left.  That mirror remains neglected.

Lesson #16 tomorrow and then I’m taking a break next week, which my instructor think will do me good.


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